Tent Grow Pepper Show | OCGFAM445

Tent Grow Pepper Show | OCGFAM445

Day-2 of getting after it in the exotic pepper tent grow. Y’all at lots of comments and we’re addressing them today and making progress with growing some serious peppers.



Runboy7426 says:

Hey Bob, obviously Nectar soils would be the first choice and the #1 recommended soil for use with the line but for those of us that don't have a local shop carrying it can Scott talk a bit about what soils are compatible with the Nectar line or how to build one that is from individual components? Keep at it brother and can't wait to see the finished product on the peppers

Gary Murdock says:

Not going to get an accurate temp/RH with your meter on the floor there Big Bob.


413 grow boss says:

Different temperatures call for different humidities so get a VPD chart look it up on your phone and it'll tell you if your room is 80 degrees you should be at 45% humidity and as your temperature changes your humidity should change but you're probably supposed to be about mid to low forties for humidity

Smoke Your Own says:

Good Job BOB, glad to see your on it. Good show.

Roberto Alvarez says:

My question for scott. Is it good to us fish fertalizer and how offten. I also just got some new stuff called fish shit nutrients. It smells so bad im almost afrade to us it.

Conan Cordray says:

Great job bob work that regimen. The temps should be slightly lower and humidity higher but not much to worry

Francis BOB420 says:

I'm growing organic with biobizz, my peppers are turning yellow day by day and falling off. The leaves that fall arnt dry or any think. Can you help me please??? Also I think you may be getting low reading off you temp/humidity meter on the floor. Ide suggest hanging so it's plant hight maby. Love ya channel ✌

RoAsTbEeF says:

Just my opinion.. almost desert humidity …. temps are a tad high .. 75-77 degrees, Lowe the temp and humidity should rise … another thing you can do is put a temp controller in and control the exhaust fan on and off ..

J King says:

Hey Bob good job, sorry didnt mean to hit you with a bunch of questions at once. I have a question for Scott, getting towards end of flower when do you cut off bk? Do you taper off or before you flush just cut it out? I made the mistake of stopping early last run, I thought was a 8 week strain ended up more like 10 week… I feel I lost out on a lot those 3 weeks and wanted to see what Scott had to say thanks!

Pipe North says:

Hey Bob! good luck with the peppers…maybe have Jake Kraken back! you guys never finished your series – bet he'd be pretty great info with those peppers. My question for Scott – what strains have you had the best success with running Nectar? What do you like for sleeping? Playing? Pain? We know cookies and some kush need watching with Nectar. Is it cool to talk nectar loving genetics? Thanks in advance. Best to all OCGFAM. Cheers!

Ty Fellin says:

Bob! soil question here, you guys push #4 soil but seems that #8 would be better for daily feedings base off the description of the nectar website. your thoughts?

on your grow do you guys follow the vpd method because seems your tempt and RH would be way off

Erik Wryn says:

Need to come up with a question for the Bearded One above all .

MichiGreen says:

Ya know, Bob, I didn't really expect a response from my original wise-guy comment the other day, but you stepped up and had a great show. Thanks for being cool about it. After following the creation of the Comprehensive Feeding Schedule with all of the interviews, we're all interested in seeing how the the pepper project goes. Thanks again, Bob!

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