Seeds, Soil & Sun: How to Grow Cannabis (#5 Harvest, Trim, Cure and Manicure)

Seeds, Soil & Sun: How to Grow Cannabis (#5 Harvest, Trim, Cure and Manicure)

Today on Seeds, Soil & Sun: How to Grow Cannabis we harvest, trim, cure (or dry) and manicure our cannabis buds. RuffHouse Partner Deals: | Amazon Influencer Store:

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How To Grow Cannabis Ep 5 Harvest and Cure

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Big Uub Torres says:

Good job keep it up.

Austin says:

You sound like Trey Parker haha

SergeyFallout says:

I'm sitting and watching this in my country, where weed is illegal but there are still a lot of stoners here. But it's hard and expensive to find a good stuff…Greetings from Ukraine!

SW21 Sharky says:

weed on a stick

Zak Hennessey says:

What ever happened to bogart

Angel Freehuggs says:

i feel so bad to "criticise". More or less in the end they are your plants and you can do whatever you want with what you grow. I just recently started growing and had a very hard time using woodchips. I felt like it was significantly easier to literally go into my yard and dig up the dirt. I didnt really feel like what was at most stores i went to was ORGANIC. Do you find that what you grow outside is better? Are you going more for taste, like quality over quantity? Nothing wrong with that. Just really wanted to see the process of how you're doing what you're doing. Ive grown outside in the summer, i also live in michigan so of course summer weather is unpredictable. Is it too humid? Just curious why it looks like this or if it is certain strain. I don't want to sound like an asshole just genuinely curious! 🙂

Lil pump Jetskii says:

u grow dook weed fam

Jimmy Turner says:

If only this video or YouTube was like it was when I harvested my first plant and ruined a qp.

Chief Keef Sosa says:

Generally how tall does one plant get?

Thromash says:

Thanks for this man, we just did our first harvest last night, currently up in a nice place to cure. Wish you all the best.

420SoothingSmokers says:

Is that the last of the buds or the entire plant if it is u fucked up somewhere man to get two grams of weed

Antonio Rey Zanetti says:

Why numb yourself you say? Because it isn’t easy decapitating my babies!


Ruff house.dank house

Elevated Emotions says:

Not bad after trim job

dreamtheself2 says:

Good try, your soil is to acidic, it's causing nutrient lock out. Add dolomite lime. Cheers

brandon wright says:

Mam mat I thought u was done a step by step grow so ain't use no nutrients or Nothin ?


Thanks for the vids!

R420Forester says:

sub par plants!

Viquh says:

I love and appreciate your videos. I dont have any land yet or my own place but i got tons of woods in my area so i might experiment once winter is over

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