Professional Grow Room Tent Kit – Fully Automated

Professional Grow Room Tent Kit – Fully Automated
Fully automated grow room setup featuring Gorilla Grow Tents – The Thickest, Strongest, and Tallest grow tents available. Give us a call at 888-725-4769 or visit for more information.



The Canadian says:

Nice tent/ equpiment … But that a shit way to set up….. Bubbleponics is a fail and airstones are proven to just fuck shit up

The Canadian says:

Dwc gay.. Where the fuck you gonna put a a/c with that shit

Hash Info says:

Checkout my medical marijuana channel subscribe I make huge balls of full melt bubble hash and dry sieve keif rosin tech checkout my playlist Med Hash Video's in my playlist bro peace if love to use your grow tent for my medical garden would you sponsor my medical grow I'll shout out your website and products daily for life!!

UK grow master T.H.C says:

Superb ma friend. .am in Glasgow Scotland uk. .iv got a grow channel iv jst starting iv been a indoor growing for meany yrs now im looking for sponcers to promote their products to the uk growing community as in the uk 9 out off 10ppl can't do what thay luv because off the weather hear…so the products yous sell are ideal for us indoor growers. ..their will b daily updates grow offs and meany vids on all different things. .their will b advertising etc and links etc in vid… am going to email some companies abt this it was jst to see if yous would b intrested .. peace from Glasgow Scotland uk keeeeeep it greeeeeen.

nick anderson says:

all steal polls guys! thats hi kwalidy

Roderick Thomas says:

Hello…. I have another question…. Geeez…. I wish you would've answered my last question 5 months Anyway, I need to know what's the measurement of the first Gorgilla Grow Tent that you displayed when you were explaining the infrastructure of the tent..

Zabrina Machuca says:

Not fully automated if you have to change the res and raise the lighta

Zabrina Machuca says:

8:00 why the fuck did you open that so fast haha

Michael Barker says:

love the 'coinvent' tool pouch

Mia Ochoa says:

haha if it was only that easy

Gary Smith says:

It's ok wen it blows the smell out but you still have to direct the smell to somewhere. If your in a ground floor flat there's no where to direct the smell to

More Than I thought says:

Tent not as good as an actual room.

Scott Hansen says:

Great Video! just to let you all know I buy my Nutes and seeds from only 2 day delivery!!

Shane Farris says:

U should try nukeheads power package. And more

Εωσφόρος says:

i dont know anyone that is going to spill 100 gallons of water

GreenDrank82 says:

There is nothing magical here that makes this the best grow kit ever. Yes Gorilla Grow tents rock but they aren't magic and they aren't going to improve your grow, they will last longer because they are better build quality. Everything else is standard, if a person isn't set up similar then they are wasting money. Besides the point that a person can grow in soil, hydro or aero all are good in their own right.

Neil Dorin says:

what about ducting on lights that are on movers? huh? I cant find anything on that.

Heathcliff says:

God bless you Jr. If it wasn't for people like u with good attitudes this world would suck.

Mondo Man says:

I'm sure my cannabis will be the same if I don't use a what 1300$ tent

Mondo Man says:

This video is for rich people

rusko dudesko says:

carbon is carbon theirs isn't special lol. And saying "air cooling the hoods is good for co2 because then it doesn't get sucked out – well you are still exhausting the room so yeah it kind of does idiot.

Happy grower Chris says:

Yild is not based on hight dumb ass

Roderick Thomas says:

I have a question. Where can I get a "trellis net" that's already constructed or do I just get a hold fisherman's net? if you have a link whereas I can order a net then please give me a copy of the link.

Marcellus Lee says:

Are you suppose to add an air condition in the room? How do you control temperature

west denver says:

Can you do a review on your smaller tents

Ronald Simcox says:

You guys with the jokes keep it up so fucking funny

Ronald Simcox says:

Tempered glass blocks ultraviolet waves , Remove the glass for a good trike' production , i'm sure you'll know that though

Jessie Mathiesen says:

double the grow space?

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