How To Grow Weed Indoors ~ Your Complete Guide!

How To Grow Weed Indoors ~ Your Complete Guide!

How To Grow Weed Indoors ~ Your Complete Guide!
In this video I take you step by step through all the necessary equipment & things to consider in order to start growing cannabis indoors! Please Like, Subscribe & Comment Below! One Love
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Grow List! ~ Hydrofram Grow Tents, Reflectors & Lights ~ ppm meter ~ ph meter ~ ph up & down *or* ~ Geveral Organics CaMg ~ Air Pots ~ Foxfarm Oceanforest Soil ~ Technoflora Starter Kit ~Advanced Nutrients Sensi Line



kjetill borrey says:

i bought my 300W LED for €70 on aliexpress, that isn't that expensive i think?

Jack Jackson says:

Just go make me a sandwich, I'll grow my weed the way I like it!!

Izaac Bob says:

would a 1000w LED light work well in a 48x24x60 tent??

Evan Herrera says:

I wish I could be there live

joe morrow says:

Hey do you have an coaching program teaching how to grow marijuana from start to finish

yak023 says:

Thank you Jane.  :)

Rikki lee says:

can u say ADHD? i could only take her in small doses.

Alice B. Tokin says:

Are you still growing?

Alice B. Tokin says:

I've been watching Dollar Tree Haul videos lately and I've seen 2 ladies in the last week who purchased the garden clippers for only a dollar. I haven't checked my local Dollar Tree yet but it is on my list of things to do.

Валентин Леонов says:

its too hard

M HANSON (CARCRZ.913) says:

what the hell is donkey dicks ???? not trying to be funny just wanna know

made up channel says:

Sup channel just subbed hit me back..c ya girl

soopadood1 says:

I have a small hut a 2×2.5 I am going with kind led…do I need ventilation like carbon filter for smell and air circulation

B-rizzle Da-shizzzle says:

I think NOT

Tony Boroni says:

you no wat I don't get why would God creat bud if it's bad for people why would he creat virises if there bad maybe sometime in the future we will be able to use the bad things for a good thing like virises to change your DNA to make u superhuman. weed for pain relief so forth.

Arilita Moore says:

I do have a question, What size pots do you use for your indoor garden?

Tony Boroni says:

not good
to smoke on your plants they would not be happy to see them selfs get smoked on them, all the tar not good for em.

hydro px says:

if you can't talk while you're high, smoke after you make the video, damn!!

Roland Winkler says:

Thank you so much, very informative vid fore sure, I would love to medicate with you and seeing and doing anything that pleases you! thanks again and to say that you are beautiful would purely be an understatement Your hair color is beyond a turn on for me, your newest subscriber Roland. Do you Face Book?

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