How to get twice the yield marijuana watching trichs and hairs

How to get twice the yield    marijuana   watching trichs and hairs

When to harvest and how to get twice the yields. It’s important to watch the trichomes and hairs.

How to grow cheap marijuana that is dank.

Check out my website for how to grow weed. It is an easy way to find my videos and other tips like feeding charts.

Check out my girlfriend’s channel Samantha Stone Strangeness

I show step by step how I grow in coco and other tricks at growing Marijuana. I’ve been growing for over 4 years, both autos and photoperiods, and I’ve been growing in coco and soil that whole time, but msotly coco because I haven’t like soil as much.

I’ve also grown DWC, hempy, pure perlite and other experiments.

I’ve done many grows in that time because I have always grown autos along with regulars, so I get several harvests a year.

Autos are my favorite to grow and have come a long way.



Groku Closet Forrest says:

check out my weed kush farm and on instagram at fashiondivasclub

Troy Linden says:

why do growers sound like meth heads?

turtlekid5000 says:

Should I start using the sugar water at the stage your plants are at or can I feed them that as seedling or in stage 3-4

GENESIS420 says:

im rock hard from video …thanks for the bonerrrrrrrrrr

predjee says:

Why is so much light wasted? I see so much free space! Why would you not place extra plants to fill up that free space?

FollowTheSunDown says:

how much did this norther yield??? how much would be the high end yield on the autoflowers?

Grow King says:

I just bent them all over and it freed up so much room. check it out and send feedback if you would. hell, share my channel or videos so I might be able to get more input by getting my stuff out there.

Maciej Franczak says:

what is the name of plant?

Thebest Jonesever says:

can u grow autos in different stages in the same tent?

Austin Opry says:

they look like mushrooms

Dr. O says:

What would happen if you just let the buds go for about another week?

Mark Harrison says:

You shouldnt put your fucking hands all over the buds Fucktarded dude!

l van l says:

if you have 10 or 1 plant the bulps and good handling make your weight

l van l says:

yield = perfect light i think the best is 600 watts air flow in and out keep your temp and humidetie right and you can get a nice 500 grams per light bulp more is an ilusion greetz from the netherlands


how do you get so many colas ? I topped my plant so it spit in two but how do I get at least 4 colas not just two?

Jay Strickland says:

Nice job! Thanks

Oscar Malisz says:

Your ruining those buds touching them like that.

David Brandenburg says:

i use general hydroponics brand of potassium called armor si, silica for plants

David Brandenburg says:

if you cut out the nitrogen at the beginning of bloom and she will turn yellow when she uses up all the excess and will have a much sweeter taste.

Crazycraigy says:

That buds bottom stem on ur left is like a chair leg….How u goin to get the the Nitro out in so short a time…?

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