Growing Weed In My Closet – Final Harvest and Smoke Reports

Growing Weed In My Closet – Final Harvest and Smoke Reports

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These are some crazy fat buds… absolutely the fattest dankest colas I have ever laid eyes on!!! The grow is complete and the buds are dried… check out the video for harvest weights and smoke reports……!!!

Growing Marijuana Indoors – Closet Grow Operation – Growing Closets

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Richie ThaDonRichclouds says:

They look like the same strain to me but hey good shyt

ak47 says:

If you put 1200 watts on one plant should it give you 1200 grams ?

ak47 says:

Are they both auto flower?

ak47 says:

Why don't anyone put a light at the bottom?

Nathan Gambriel says:

I don't smoke weed often but this is the most interesting and beautiful plant I've seen in my life.

Jonah Chapman says:

Hey I was wondering, How did you get started into growing your own weed? I really don't know where to get started.

Ben Werli says:

cant wait to start growing when it's legal here, id much rather grow it than buy it

Fernando Uriza says:

How did you yield so much?

Gangaa Grow420 says:

Beautiful work keep it up bro

Joshua Palpallatoc says:

That’s some dank bud.

Frederick Rogers says:

Do a jar give away and a seed pack!

Micky blue 2 u says:

Growing Weed In My Closet , bullshit , click bate , tosser

Jay Dav says:

Bunk. We dont smoke that in The Valley.

Mace says:

You think i can have a jar bro

Anthony Loscalzo says:

I get killer strains at

Jai Thompson says:

Dam You are amazing help me bro I want to try this HMU
Jai / Investor* Buyer

midwestjuggernauts1 says:

Buy your cannabis seeds from

Eastern Europe says:

Can't wait until I turn 18 and can start growing my own.

Scott Hansen says:

Great Video! just to let you all know I buy my Nutes and seeds from only 2 day delivery!!

groovass65 says:

So awesome ! So inspiring !! You rock !!!

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