Growing Marijuana Indoors- A Beginners Guide

Growing Marijuana Indoors- A Beginners Guide

Hey guys, Here is a video about how to grow weed/marijuana indoors in a small location such as a closet. Should be helpful for all growers though. Please share, like, and subscribe. Comment for all questions! Took some time here to research.

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Christopher Morrissey says:

so do I start the 5-30-5 "big bloom" at the beginning of flower or wait till they start to bud out. say 3 weeks into flowering. my fucking veg wont stop growing during flower but I'm slacking of if not stopped my nitro fert all together. yet I am growing in compost that is pure organic. homemade as well….WOW OVER A MILL VIEWS WITH UNDER 10000 SUBS. GOOD JOB BROTHER.

Karen Mary Bloomberg says:

Most of people are not realizing to this day that reading 7 millions articles and watching a ton of videos will only give them a general idea about what they are supposed to be doing regarding growing weed. You guys need a system, something researched and implement by somebody who's sole purpose in life resumes to this, and not casual growers sharing some tips. See this link what I mean and how you could grow sticky, potent buds even if you are a noob now, it is my honest review
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mullat215 says:

Hey thanks for the video, im a first timer and just had a question in regards to when exactly you should switch from the 6k to the 2700k bulbs. Should you switch rite at the signs of the plant being a female, because I figure that's technically its first sign of "budding"? Or is there a point rite after that with a specific tell tale sign I should keep a eye out for? Thanks again!

N B says:

whars rhe temp and humid level for seed,vage and flower?
thanks for the video.

Johnny Santana says:

is 6 plants too much for 9 sq ft.

Frank Tank says:

I am seedling stage and am using a 65 watt grow light from lowes, is that sufficient

Ace A. says:

Dude you said you take the clone from the mother plant when it's still in veg state (how do you know it's female in veg state)?

Don Crowley says:

Excellent informative video. I like your presentation style. Thanks

Dj EMR says:

Best song ever!!

GreenBox Grown says:

Lovin the video man!!! Keep supporting the Home Grown life!

Fumouffu says:

sweeeeeet video

Stacks Mann says:

Thanx for the info!!! Grow On…. Great Job

Johnny Smoke says:

can u veg with 150w HP's?

Joshua Jones says:

what type light you use when it starting from seed growth

bigwillchill says:

how long is it from start to finish? like 2-3 months?

how much cannabis do you get per plant (roughly)?

misterniceguy987 says:

I don't have a lot of space in my room for a closet grow. Any way you can make or recommend a video on how to make a grow box?

J.T. Taylor Jr. says:

Is it a must to transplant that many times?

Kush Seeds says:

This is a great place to start Learn how to grow your own weed

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