Grow Medical Cannabis The Easy Way

Grow Medical Cannabis The Easy Way

Use self watering grow pots by 420GS and you can’t over water or under water. Plants thrive. Hear testimonial from a Medical Cannabis grower explain why he only uses 420 Grow System pots who previoulsy after growing hydroponics and other systems for all his different strains. Growers see better yields with less labor and lower start up and maintenance cost than any other grow system.
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Joe Smartballs says:

This is a simple wicking pot. Take two 5 gallon buckets. Drill 6 holes in one. Use cotton T-shirt for wicks. Run wicks threw holes. Make sure it's a foot long hanging out the bottom. You,can tape the wicks on the side of the buckets. Now add a half a bucket of soil. Add plant and more soil. Now put water in Second bucket, and put bucket with plant in the bucket of water. I also put my plant in a tray of wster to soak up as much water, then I fill up my bucket of water, put plant in it, and don't need to wster for about 5 days to a week. You can also take a 12 inch diameter flower pot and put on top of a 5 gallon bucket, and it fits perfect, but they are 1-3 gallon pots, but you can full your resavore with more water because the pot is smaller. The pipe he has goes into the resavore so he don't have to lift a lid to fill. My idea of 2 buckets cost $8, and it's easy to pick up a bucket and fill with water. I had a 1 gallon pot wicking in a 5 gallon bucket and refilled the water once a month, but it outgrew the pot by then. This is not a Patton idea.

George legallymad says:

any links for uk set up prices comrades ?

Comrade says:

fucking annoying the shit out of me that the music is playing so loud while he's talking. so is this for real or not? if i can save time on watering plants and not worry about giving improper amount it would be a life saver. but i hear people saying it's a bad idea to do this on weed? due to root rot or mold or something. someone give me a logical explanation maybe? would appreciate it

Drew Grow says:

I was hoping that you made a grow series on some plants. I have a grow channel and I do not believe that the plants will do well long term for several reasons. The main one being a root zone nutrient build up 

zx656xz says:

629 pushers VS 78 law enforcers… Bwahaha ^_^

Kandi Klover says:

me too, moist panty and all

melvinia lydwin says:

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Lee Redpath says:

They need to be full of clay pebles as a medium not soil then will work a dream

Ako Gerald says:


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ProfessorPhunkLabs says:

This is Shawn Majors…..Just wanted to make clear that I have asked for this Video to be taken down as I DO NOT ENDORSE THIS PRODUCT ANYMORE…….!….After a few runs with these pots I've Experienced a Multitude of issues….mainly from poor manufacturing….that Ultimately Led To The Death of Plants from Over saturation of the soil. The main defect with these pots is in the Platform and The Air Holes around the outside of the pot. Pots are not Draining Properly causing Plants to Die !

Acer D says:

marijuana… going downhill like rap music

mrvinz144 says:

There's a lot of feds commenting lol

john mata says:


spekhugger says:

Your profile pic reminds me of a duck… Just saying 🙂

Tamara Yaroslava says:

Weed makes me Horny… Just saying 🙂

jose jimenez says:

Are you gonna smoke the soil or the fucken weed??

caligrowing420 says:

check out my grow and leave some advice

Smoke/AKilo says:

this aint easy

Omar Reyes says:

just through an aqua globe in the soil

Storm Nunya says:

I like how they are claiming to be pros, yet use equipment older than my dogs.There genetics also suck. Who would name a product 420 pots? You think a hydro store will buy from your company?

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