Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 23 – by Jorge Cervantes

Grow Cannabis – Jorge’s Garden Day 23 – by Jorge Cervantes

The plants have acclimated quite well to the outdoor environment after using the shade cloth for a couple of weeks. Jorge has now removed the shade cloth and the plants are starting show more vigor. A couple of the plants show signs of positive phototropism. The leaves have oriented themselves in the direction of the sun. Stay tuned for more updates from the garden.


Questions to Jorge:








eric lingefelter says:

howdy Jorge . wanted to ask about Jorge's Diamond . is it pest resistant ? does it do good indoor ?

torry nerheim says:

Doing pretty good back in the shade, three weeks ago I pulled a blue berry plant from female stock because it was a male. for a long time it didn't show sex, thinking it was because of the light, but low & behold it was herme!!! I'am not sure but I think it was a nutrient that made it go herme. I put some blood meal in the soil which I had composted about three months prior. Same thing happened in a better location last season to a perfect female Ice plant. let me know your feelings on this

Chris Miller says:

Jorge,  We Love your style and who you are. Would love to meet you one day.  🙂
Never Change my friend

Tim F says:

Nice plants jorge

LuR says:

Hey bro I have question on the 100 gallon grow bags ….how much soil would I need if I'm using the foxsoil bags? Do I need 3 bags for each 100 gallon bag or 5 ? Please respond as soon as possible

blazewun2 says:

please please tell me the name of the intro music. Amazing beat!

Kip Janes says:

Mah Nah Mah Nah DaDooDaDooDoo.!
Thanks for all you do.

rghands711 says:

You plant petunias in the good sun and cannibus in the shade? Didn't think that through did ya? 

Ed Bucko says:

it's apparent that the weed had more of a head start

zstrauss1 says:

Thanks for this. Winter in Michigan is getting old!   You have a lovely garden! I like the brick walk ways. Stoked for summer and growing stuff. Gardeners Unite!

Fatalsprigs says:

Getting the Feng shui going on eh

Fatalsprigs says:

I swear the rim shot on the snare of your intro @ 0:09 makes your videos epic


Great video  right now the only thing I am growing is soil.I started out with very poor soil it's getting much better.

francisco chiappe says:

Muy bonito jardín

MrPercythrower says:

Nice home brew.

MILK MAN says:

Right On ! MILKM@N(oYo)

Ben Munoz says:

When u put straw on the beds as mulch do u have the drip emitters dripping through the straw or have the wmitters under the mulch?

ozzy yzzo says:

:+) :+) :+)

forestlin20 says:

Jorge those ladies look amazing! I was wondering if you use any aerated compost tea that is beneficial to your soil beds?

esta canail says:

hey Jorge tell me, after harvest and drying, will you make a video showing close-up look  of all your strains that you grow?

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