Cannabis Perpetual Harvest Setup Guide – Growing Cannabis 201 – Advanced Grow Tips

Cannabis Perpetual Harvest Setup Guide – Growing Cannabis 201 – Advanced Grow Tips

Learn the basics behind how a 3 zone cannabis perpetual grow works. Start with a small perpetual cannabis grow and learn how to maintain a continuous harvest before graduating to a larger operation. Find out strain timelines, what equipment is needed, a perpetual harvest setup layout and small tips for constant cannabis harvesting so you can begin your perpetual weed grow today.


Light Spectrum and Cannabis Yields:
Nutrients Video:
Grow Environment, pH, Temperature, Humidity, etc:
Caring For Cannabis Seedlings:—seedling-stage.html
Caring For Cannabis During The Vegetative Stage:—vegetative-stage.html
Caring For Cannabis During The Flowering Stage:—bloom-stage.html

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Lesson Timeline:
Lesson Objectives – 0:34
What Strains to Use – 1:23
Perpetual Grow Layout – 1:56
Equipment Needed For A Perpetual Grow – 3:06
Process & Timing Of A Perpetual Grow – 5:00
Drying Buds In Zone 2 – 6:50
Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting – 7:09
Lesson Review – 7:44



Mitchgill12 says:

10 seeds for 25, strawberry diesel x gg4. they are regs, pm me.

Green Mountain HellHound 1 says:

Great video/s. Your a great source of information! Please keep making them! Growers love from Vermont!

RagingHeartOn says:

You should invest in a pop filter

robert rainey says:

Give a man sum meds he medicated for a day. Teach a man to grow his medicine he stays medicated forever!

Bradley Simpson says:

Ok I mostly agree but the lights I go with 5 100w cfl daylight 6700k for veg then 5 100w soft white 2700k for bloom that's per plant so times that by how many plants you have. If your going big obviously cfl isn't optimal go with 600w + up to 4 plants after 4 consider 1000 to 2000w led. Obviously within reason basically demote 300 per plant 5 plants 1500. You can double that but 300w per plant will give you good yield

Pit Canta says:

Can someone help me? Im searching for a seed for lst scrig and sog productive and good for beginners that cant go over 170 cm indoor and also indica. THANKS!!

Kyle de Montigny says:

I was thinking about vegging a plant indoors for the winter then put it outside in spring. What do you think about doing a longer veg cycle? Like an extra 4 months

Pit Canta says:

Hello guys i have 1 big question if i buy feminized seeds they can only get harvested on october september or november or i can force the flowering with the 12-12?

Edit: sorry for my bad english

Marco Narco says:

Hello,I’m starting my first harvest ever,I germinated my seeds in cold water ,I hope that it will make them strong for later,anyways I have a question ,how do I control ph levels ?its freaking me out because I have everything,but ph is something no one has cleared up.Also I smoke random weed I never know what I get ,it’s not good but I plan on mutating them later on anyways ,I wanna start from the bottom.So what would you all recommend for ph control ,m

lori25hu says:

Audio is GOOD 😉 how do you combine two different strains to get a Hybrid ? ?? 4 Expl. Blueberry Indica + Sativa Haze = Blue Dream (Hybrid)
Quote from Pineapple Express :
"This is like if that Blue Oyster shit
met that Afghan Kush I had and they had a baby.

And meanwhile, that crazy

Northern Lights stuff I had and the Super Red Especial

Snowflake met and had a baby.

And by some miracle,those two babies met and f**d this would be the shit
that they birthed."

lori25hu says:

Can you do a video about Tea, compost #treats that can be used for our Girls, Organic type of growing vs Nutrients available on the market

Aussie Bigbudz says:

Man please help… I left a light on in my grow for 8 hours two days in a row when they r in flower on day 19 so they got 20 hours of light two days in a row what is gonna happen now?photoperiod grow

Karon Stone says:

Damage roots during transplant use superthrive to help them reroot how would I know if my plant has recovered or on the verge of recovering

Rex West says:

How about a 18 total plant count how would that fit in

Agremen says:

Or you can run 1 room 24h light and one for night! VOILa! you do you veg in 24h light and your flouer 12h 12h…

Sliceofpi says:

Im a medical pt. Thank you so much for this vid. I was having trouble figuring out the ratio of space I needed for my areas and your explanation cleared a lot of fog. Thank you.

seasonedtoker says:

As far as I know this method works the best when you have a mother plant. Otherwise your quality might decline down the line.

Antwan Williams says:

I learned a lot but I'm having trouble with my plant every time the leaves grow the tips are brown

Green Reaper says:

Superperp !!! If u need buds monthly

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