Cannabis Cultivation Documentary – Introduction To Indoor Growing

Cannabis Cultivation Documentary – Introduction To Indoor Growing
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Introduction To Indoor Growing – Cannabis Cultivation: Learning how to grow weed by yourself at home will give you the opportunity to control what marijuana seed strains you purchase, which grow lights and what nutrients you feel comfortable with.

This documentary will cover the basics through to advanced techniques. Even the beginner can grow some high quality weed without being overwhelmed with lots of technical language.



James Smith says:

jorge cervantes is better than this….

fucc succ says:

half of this is complete bull. every strain is different and thats the major thing not taken into account here besides many other things. but the one thing that pisses me off is that the bastard says all plants only show their gender while flowering which is the most absolute bull i have ever heard. i have only had 2 experiences of that happening ever. and obviously it wasn't all too pretty. the cloning segment just shows how ineffective root gel is. the guy is practically asking you to fry your plants with the crop potential crap too ffs this whole video is just a joke

charles nokes says:

From seedling on through vegetation stages I left 24 hours of light goin. Only until I began flowering did I change the light schedule to a 12/12 cycle.

Callie_Dan says:

Lame shit information..terrible production

Jerome Cabral says:

my favorite thing to smoke

Adam Mayberry says:

Thanks good vid,if you do anymore holler at me ,i definitely want to see.

robo-suport_cz robofactory says:

i got canabis seed i planted it on my garden it grew up a little… then it died :(

Nation Of Truth says:

The Untold Truth On Cannabis is Now Available to be seen on our Youtube Channel! Please support our film and share it with other people! God Bless You!!!

evan topham says:

Hydroponics – 56:13

Jennifer M. Phelps says:

All these youtube videos are the same.. basic basic basic. And if you try following, you don't make it right..

dan “Big DAns Genetix” greenthumb says:

Listen to this video to epicly fail at growing

Hi There says:

learning to grow and being all doped up at the same time is not good for the plants.

Coach Gumby says:

The music makes this irritating to watch.

Metal8Lover says:

thanks for uploading

plumberznuts says:

after watching the video…. and reading everyone's comment's ….. I feel that… "US"…..
as cannabis users we need too……………. FUCK I'M OUTTA FRUIT LOOPS………
SON OF Aaaaa.

John Bratten says:

This is SO good! Thank you, you put a whole lot of careful work into this, and it has helped me alot!

Simply 420 says:

how shit is this quality tho? I mean cmon is their not a documentary with better quality ffs people help me out comment below

Aussie Grower says:

Great video, lots of great info, thanks

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