Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants Guide – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Adding Sugars To Cannabis Plants Guide – Molasses, Corn Syrup or Honey

Today on Lex’s World, let’s talk adding sugars to your marijuana plants! This is a common additive that growers use; we’ll talk about how much sugar to use, when to apply it – flowering or vegetative – and which sugar is preferred. I linked to some decent quality ones:

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Lowek says:

Buy the molasses people its cheap and better than alternatives .. unsulphered molasses anyways

thetracker1100 says:

What about maple syrup?

Robert Corona says:

Is honey brewed with tea naturaul pgr

mark james says:

Black strap molasses

Jay Stuart says:

Would this technique work in a hydroponic drip system?

MaryanWolf says:

i personally use organic blue agave syrup, one of the most assimilable sugar that can be taken by plants

jeannine grant says:

it attracted ants I get a much higher yield by trellised plants the get all light on one side larger buds huge colas easy to harvest

shapattu says:

how about coconut palm sugar? rich in trace minerals and such. May have a slight edge over other sugars?

Ryan Downey says:

Does anyone know if you can us pure sorghum syrups?

Walter Bell says:

can you use unsulfered mollasses in a coco coir medium

jyjygjy yjfyjygj says:

why use sugars or honeys? if you know how to grow good you dont need to do that. unless you are using alot of nutrients. cause everyone knows the more nutrients you use the more its gonna make the taste change. believe me in los angeles all the great growers dont even use "sugars" cause if you know how to grow right. and saying the more nutrients you use the more of the yield. that is very stupid to say honestly.

Nick J M says:

Why the dark glasses??? Lolol

hiraldo mcgoo says:

Does molasses to water lower or raise pH?

King Napoleon says:

I used vanilla corn syrup, hopefully that shits fine

kyle robinson says:
This study is on the absorption off different sugars by plants. This study test glucose, fructose, sucrose, galactose, ribose and combinations. Plants are opportunistic like all other life. It would only make sense that plants figured out how to absorb the very thing they spend all day making from the soil. They figured out how to eat animals and live parasitically off other plants. They can absorb sugars from soil but it is complicated. Depends on plant, stage of growth, type of sugar, amount, what combinations and on and on. Plants respire at night. they consume sugar and give off co2 as a by product. I know this because my co2 monitors registered higher than atmospheric levels in the morning before I turned my lights on. Plants will talk advantage of the sugar by absorbing it and using it for respiration at night. My finished product smelled like sulphured molasses so I switched to white table sugar or sucrose. After finding this article I might try glucose and fructose.
I am babbling but the article talks about how the plants they studied kept their own sugar stores and used the sugars that were absorbed first for respiration. Plants are smart. Different plants like different sugars and combinations at different levels at different stages of growth. Time to start experimenting. I have been obsessed with night grow and its significance. How long can a plant respire and actually grow? Would increased oxygen at night increase respiration rate? Anyway they need sugar to grow at night.

2EnjoyEverything says:

bears are indeed scary…

kyle robinson says:

Plants consume sugar at night. Just saying they are not only producers of sugar.

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