120w LED Autoflower Tent Grow Easy Ryder & Diesel Ryder Documentary (Legal Medical – Adults 18+)

120w LED Autoflower Tent Grow Easy Ryder & Diesel Ryder Documentary (Legal Medical – Adults 18+)

This film was made for Documentary purposes for medical Cannabis patients and Legal Adults – We DO NOT encourage any illegal or dangerous activities.
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Advanced Platinum Series P300 300w http://amzn.to/1TQERUt
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Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w http://amzn.to/27YIaQM
Advanced Platinum Series P900 900w http://amzn.to/27YI4sr
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This is an indoor organic soil grow in a Growlabs GL40
The soil is Fox Farms Ocean mix 100%
Nutrients are still up in the air. Will either be Canna or Advanced Nutrients
Seeds/Genetics are from Joint Doctors Lowryders, 5 X Easy Ryders and 5 X Diesel Ryders. For this grow I intend to germinate 2 of each making 4 total.
Lights will be ———— spectra 120watt LED grow light.



Сергей Прядко says:

20 gramm…

Jarred Burnett says:

just F-ING beautiful

Rhythmic Retaliation Nation says:

How cute. Look at those little baby weed plants. You must be a light smoker bro. Very light.

Robert Hall says:

what type of camera are you using?

Bernardas Sturo says:

how much cost to pay for electricity per month?

high five says:

stop with the music for fooks sake driving me bonkers

muzo muzo says:

Hello i want to get autoflowering seed but i do not know how to keep it in small size sample pictures can help you like once more feminized.thanks

Taylor Kelly says:

Looks like they flowered prematurely. They're quite tiny.

Jeffron BE EM W says:

what a waste of time and electricity growing these 8 inch plants… id go back to the drawing board and start all over. Something this guy is doing is obviously not working the way it should

TheGuitarSessions says:

interesting approach to your FBA strategy… keep it going, great vids!

Igniter4life says:

AWESOME !! HOW is it possible that the buds start to flower SO SOON!!! Its amazing .. perfect combination of hydro and heat? Please explain how long this grow took in Total .

Scott Milton says:

those pots are way to big for those plants, half the grow will be roots………….

Sebastian Lund Nielsen says:

How many grams of dry buds for this grow?

Зеленый Рай says:

дроч такая

GROW GOD says:

whoa how you get them big buds on them short ladies

The Upside DFS says:

i got 2 wwaf in 24x24x40 , led 120w on a dwc setup . feedings are to perfection with general hydroponics kit but i cant seem to get them past flowering stage for 32 days. do i need to up the watts?

Isaiah Graves says:

it's this tent 2×2

Marc Symington says:

wtf these are so small even for auto flower hahaha

p1ngu1no says:

I just bought a viparspectra 450w. Can´t wait for it. I started recently with CFL´s but I need better light. I´m surprised such a cheap led light (60 $) works…but there are many customers who claim this lights work. I may try one in the future. I believe LED is the future for indoor growing, but again, I´m just a beginner.

cino black says:

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king james says:

How far did u have ur light when u started using the led?

Mario Meitz says:

how manny Light must i give her? 18:6 or 12:12 ??

euro façades says:

combien de temps il faut pour que ça soit pousser complètement avec la lumière

carney adem says:

personally, I couldn't give your recommendation any weight based on them miniature nugs!.

Vinicius Henrique Porto Silva says:

onde compro esse LED? especificações dele por favor

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